Creative Future

Creative Future: A Creation of Creative Ideas in Art & Design

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A biannual magazine, the Creative Future project started back in 2010 aiming to introduce their readers to inspiring artists and designers, uplifting the creative spirits within. Assembled with quality and an attitude for the appreciation for art, this magazine seeks out to the unknown in order to learn more about the individuals currently active in the world of art. They also act as a platform for artists to voice out their conceptual ideas and opinions, creating not only a curation of ideas, but also an artwork in itself. This issue features artists such as Darcel Dissapoints, Haroshi and Andrew D. Wagner, just to name a few. Expect yourself to something unique and special once you flip through this magazine, with additional gifts of a secret envelope and a 48 blank paged sketchbook included. Limited edition of 100 copies, each magazine is numbered.


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